Here’s the deal: OnAirTraffic.com covers transportation and driving, with an extra serving of radio and TV traffic reporting.

By “covers”, what do I mean? Well, I talk about almost anything related to getting you there.

Do I have examples? You bet. (I came prepared.)

  • I talk about high-profile crashes and the news coverage of them.
  • I write about cities opening access to traffic and transportation data so people can create things like iPhone apps.
  • I talk about driving topics, both serious (like distracted driving) and fun (the greatest truckin’ songs ever).
  • I profile traffic reporters on “Traffic Watch”, the OnAirTraffic.com podcast. We talk about the job, and the good and bad parts of it.
  • I link to articles about the future of cars and transportation. And what that means for traffic jams in the years to come.

There is a small catch though. After you start reading, you’ll probably start wondering, “What’s with all this Toronto-specific stuff?” Don’t be turned off. That’s just where I live and what I know. And most of the information is quite general and can easily be “translated” to other cities.

If you want to know more about me, (a) I’m blushing, and (b) there’s a whole separate page with that story. If you don’t particularly care about me–don’t worry, I’m used to it–but want to tell me something, you can write to me anytime.

Thanks for visiting!